How to pair with HUElite app

2021 January 30

How to pair with HUElite app

Last updated : 2021 January 30

Step 1: Download the Huelite Application from Play Store/App Store respectively.

Step 2: Register your account with Huelite.


Step 3: Now click the add device icon on the top right-most corner.


Step 4: Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and search for HUE_XXXX. Connect with this network by entering password 12345678. Assuming your smart light is plugged on.



FAQ: Huelite device doesn't appear in the avaliable Wi-Fi network list?

  • Make sure the Huelite device is installed within your home network range. (While pairing your smartphone is required to be within 5 meter radius of huelite device providing no direct obstruction)

  • If the device Wi-Fi doesnt appear in the Wi-Fi settings kindly factory reset the device. Check here

Step 5: Once connected, go back to the Huelite application and make sure your mobile data is turned off while pairing. Now enter the desired name for your device, and choose your home Wi-Fi network from the list & click pair device button.


Step 6: Now enter your choosen home network password & click start pairing button. Wait for 10 seconds until a success message appears.


Your Light is successfully paired! Enjoy!!

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