HUElight Aroura - 5 mtr

Rs - 1999/-

Buy 4 ang get Rs-250 off
120 led
60 led

HUElite smart strip are energy efficient solution used for wide variety of fixtures and architecture deign to to suite your space. Allows you to control your space from HUElite Smart Mobile app from anywhere in the world. Rich color contast and high brightness led offers you 16 million possiblities to decorate your home and space. Flowing Colors with syncronized group controll gives you immersive experiences.



Power and Plug

AC, 180-220V


15 Watts

Control Interfaces

Mobile Application, Wi-Fi, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa


1 Year warranty, 14 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Your Home,

Your Rules.

Now choose your light to make your home cozy, green and awesome

Adding ambieance to life

with 16 million possiblities, now switch your home ambieance in an instant. go calm to party in seconds

Bias Lighting

With the right backlighting on your TV, you can now reduce eye strain.

Sleeping Tips

Set your bedroom lights to deep red just before bed to produce more melatonin which helps you get better quality sleep.

Your BattleStation is now upgraded for battle.

Your Work From Home setup is ready.


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